Arthur Benjamin Massage and Physiotherapy



I have had several sessions with Ben Randall, and I have found them all to have a positive impact on my body and general well being. My job is quite physical and in particular he has sorted problems I have been having with my shoulders and lower back, as well as helping me develop techniques to strengthen these areas. With his experience as a physio he brings a greater understanding of the body to his work and I would highly recommend him.


Christina Lemon- Artist



Having worked alongside Ben when he was working with the NHS previously I was more that aware of his kind bedside manner to my patients and his patience. I had no issue with asking for guidance and treatment for my reoccurring headaches, should pain and tired back. Within a couple of treatments in my own hom and continued simple exercises the issues dissolved. A single treatment last month found the originating tension caused by my wonky horse riding and further exercises/ stretches have improved my horse riding, resolved the tension discomfort at work and better sleep. Ben is professional and always ensures the comfort within my treatment ability - they say nurses are the worse patients. Thank you Ben!


Roz Barwell- Ward Sister



Ben's professional approach to his work instantly puts you at ease, from the cleaning of the massage table to his towel etiquette. During our first session he did some exploratory work on the problem points in my shoulders and quickly found the cause of the problem. Through regular treatments he has released the problem muscles and tissue to reduce the soreness dramatically. Friendly discussion throughout and explanations of all his findings make for a very comfortable environment. I look forward to my next appointment!


Benjamin Eddon- Assistant Stage Manager



Ben Randall is the only masseur that I have had that has fully managed to get to grips with the problems that I have in my neck & shoulders, causing me great pain, discomfort and headaches. His knowledge of the body and how it works enables him to locate the problem and eradicate it with friendly explanations through out the session. The pain has gone, my posture has improved, and my headaches are now self-inflicted! Ben has a very professional but easy manner which puts you at ease immediately. I would highly recommend Ben.


Jane Barton.