Arthur Benjamin Massage and Physiotherapy

Welcome to Arthur Benjamin Massage and Physiotherapy.



We are able to offer our clients high quality, evidence based physiotherapy

and sports massage. We cater for people with varied levels of requirements,

treating elite atheletes and dancers to individuals who may simply wish for

a holistic and relaxing massage.


Because we are a small organisation we have time to discuss and create a

bespoke treatment plan for each client which will be carried on from one

treatment to the next, creating an excellent treatment narrative




Physiotherapy is an evidence based practice that is used to assess and treat both chronic and acute injuries. It uses a combination of robust assessment tools, manual techniques and prescribed exercises to identify , aid and also prevent injury. Biomechanics , ergonomics and understanding the lifestyle of the individual is used to potentially bring about a swift and satisfactory outcome for the client.



Sports and Remedial massage has a long tradition in helping to repair, relax and prepare the body and mind for everyday life. This type of soft tissue work is undertaken in a holistic way that target new or old injuries, pain and feelings of discomfort or stress. These techniques are also beneficial for individuals that may simply want to encourage relaxation and imbue their bodies with a sense of well-being.